We supply you with a simple to operate Databases Manager, incorporated with our Hosting Control Panel, from which you could generate completely new MySQL and PgSQL databases in an instant. Additionally, you are enabled to oversee each of their configuration settings from the easy access presented to the phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin software instruments.

An Easy to use Interface

Control your databases with a click

Taking control of your databases now is easier than ever, on account of the Hosting Control Panel interface for MySQL and PgSQL administration! Provided you do not have extensive experience of making use of databases, it will be an easy task to manage the Databases Manager.

You could make a whole new database just by typing the user name and password or create a database back–up with just a mouse click. Moreover, via the Data Manager you have direct access to the administrator area for every database, meaning you can quickly alter it.

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Fast Database Back–up

Back up your databases in a minute

We’ve changed the manual database back–up formation into a quite easy activity. To do this: inside the Databases Manager, click on the ’clock’ symbol next to the database that you want to back up and hang on for a few seconds for the process to take place. Depending upon the size of your database, the building of the backup file will need somewhere between a couple of seconds and a minute.

You can create as many backups of a database as you would like. We have not fixed any boundaries about the quantity of databases you could back up too.

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Support for PgSQL

Warranted reliability for your databases

PgSQL databases are significantly less widespread as compared to the well–known MySQL databases. However, they represent a favorite alternative for developers who seek the ultimate security for their sites and apps. Via the intuitive Databases Manager integrated into the eTownHost Control Panel, you can control your PostgreSQL databases with a mouse click.

You will find PgSQL databases incorporated by default in the top Linux web hosting packages packages. If you are with a regular hosting package, it’s possible to ask for PgSQL databases to be added to your web hosting account as upgrades.

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InnoDB Databases

The new face of MySQL

With eTownHost, you’ll consistently find the latest edition of MySQL and the default MySQL storage engine – InnoDB, installed.

InnoDB is definitely more stable as compared to the past storage engine’s edition – MyISAM. It is ACID–compliant and, most of all – it has total transaction support. Furthermore, it takes advantage of row–level locking, as an alternative to MyISAM’s table–level locking, that would always cause performance problems at peak usage occasions.

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Detailed Database Stats

In depth stats for all of your databases

eTownHost offers you an uncomplicated solution to keep tabs on the database consumption for your active sites. Through the detailed database statistics user interface, that is included in the Hosting Control Panel, you are able to keep an eye on the load generated through your busy sites in real time. The supplied data will help you to analyze the database load changes by the hour, on a daily basis or per month.

It is easy to observe the database load for your web sites through the Database Stats portion of the Hosting Control Panel. The table on–screen reveals the database lookups accumulated during the present month. To check information for an earlier month, just click on the back arrows located at the top.

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